Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming and to kickstart the festive season we have added some new items to the menu starting from Monday 25th November!

Festive Yorksire Pudding Wrap – Turkey, stuffing, bacon and cranberry sauce all wrapped together in a Giant Yorkshire pudding

The Festive Bake – It might be open to debate, but there’s no question that you will be onto a winner with our limited-edition treat which, for the few who aren’t in the know, is a puff pastry parcel containing chicken breast combined with sage and onion stuffing, sweetcure bacon and sage and cranberry sauce. And let’s not forget the all-important crunchy crumb topping.

To complement the above on our Jiffy Truck’s will be offering stuffing and cranberry sauce to make your bacon and sausage cobs extra festive!

Another Five Star Food Hygiene Rating!

All the staff at Gingers are celebrating after achieving another five star food hygiene rating.

The rating ranges from 0 (urgent improvement necessary) to five stars (very good) and it assesses how staff store, handle, prepare, cook and serve food.

We are proud to have achieved the five star rating again which is testament to the hard work of our catering team,

The award means that we sit alongside some of the best food outlets in the country

We are extremely proud of the food quality and cleanliness at Gingers.

This rating award is another example of the excellent service we provide here for our customers

I would personally like to add a big congratulations to the whole team who deserve a great deal of credit for achieving the highest possible rating.


The ‘English Breakfast’ – Centuries Old British Tradition!

THE FULL English breakfast is a staple of the British diet and as classic as fish and chips or a Sunday roast.

The English breakfast is one of the best-loved national meals in the world. Sir Winston Churchill refused to start the day until he’d polished off his Full English in bed – along with a cigar and a weak whisky and soda. Nothing quite marks Britain’s cultural hegemony more than a full-blown fry-up.

The traditional full English breakfast is a centuries old British breakfast tradition, one that can trace its roots back to the early 1300’s. In one form or another, the tradition of a uniquely English breakfast is one that has been proudly sustained over the centuries by different generations of British society.

Today the English breakfast is more popular than ever and you can usually find an English breakfast in most towns and cities across the country and overseas wherever you find the British. And in spite of the trend towards more fashionable and healthier (though vastly more boring) breakfast alternatives, recent statistics suggest we’re still sticklers for tradition.

The ‘English Breakfast’ basics are generally the same, but the varieties are near-endless. From extravagant brunches to fat-laden fry-ups, exactly what does or doesn’t belong on the plate depends on what you choose.

And finally, it’s always the right time for a fry-up

We serve our breakfast from open until close so why not pop in and try today we’re sure you will not be disappointed!

How To Get Your 5 A Day? Come Visit Us!

You’ve heard by now, right? Scientists reckon we should eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day.

The advice used to be five but now they say that’s not enough to combat diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke

It’s veg that’s really good for you – so don’t think you can get away with just eating 10 portions of fruit.

Many people struggled with their five a day – I’m lucky if my children get two a day.

The good news is that the study by scientists from Imperial College showed that even just eating a few portions of fruit and veg a day will prolong life and reduce risk of diseases – but 10 is the goal.

Now on to the cool part…

Our salad boxes are a quick convenient way for people ‘on the go’ to get one or more of your five a day, they are jam packed with goodness and come with an extra protein pasta punch to help  you get through the day.

With a large selection of fillings to choose from, you’ll be happy to know that we will have something to suit your dietary needs.

Britain’s Favourite Sandwich Revealed – It May Surprise You!

There is any number of exciting sandwiches out there these days. Hoisin duck. Curried chickpea. Coronation chicken.

And yet, Britain’s favourite sarnie filling is possibly the most beige option of all.

Earlier this year when surveyed 2,000 Brits about their sandwich preferences results found that over half of them rated plain cheese as their filling of choice. That was followed closely by ham and cheese, ham salad and sausage.

  • Cheese
  • Ham and cheese
  • Ham salad
  • Sausage
  • Cheese and onion
  • So despite all the culinary advances this country has made in the past 50 years, we still love the most basic of sandwiches. Britain’s top five sandwich flavours Cheese Ham and cheese Ham salad Sausage Cheese and onion Egg mayonnaise

    Despite how fancy and picky we’ve become with our food choices in general when it comes to sandwiches, the classics seem to be winners.

    Cheesecake’s Are Back!

    They’ve been away for a while but are now back by popular demand as from Tomorrow. To help announce this we are running a competition via Facebook. The winner will receive a free cheesecake of their choice. To find out how to enter head over to our Facebook page. The winner will be randomly be selected by a third party and announced on Friday.

    Each Day we will be serving a choice of different cheese cakes to choose Via the shop and vans.

    Kinder Bueno Nutella Drizzle

    Oreo Vanilla

    Salted Caramel Peanut M&Ms


    Mint Aero with Oreo base

    Meet The Team…

    So now we have a new website. I thought it would only be right that we introduced the team awaiting to serve you….

    Sarah is the boss and one that over sees most of the daily day to day running.

    Sarah likes to constantly keep the menu active by creating new items to go onto it.

    If any of the staff have any problems she’s the girl to turn to.

    (Chief Cook)

    Jason is chained to the kitchen until he is released to start his daily round in his van.

    2nd in command the staff have a more relaxed relationship with Jason who is always there to listen and help anyone.

    Jason tries to make the work place fun for everyone by offering employee of the week incentives.

    Catering assistant

    Donna is one of the ladies that lovingly makes your breakfast or lunch as per your request.

    Now the longest serving employee Donna knows what goes and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a taste sensation.

    (Delivery Round Driver)

    Emma always tries hard to be employee of the week every week.

    Very witty and funny she can always lighten your spirit and make you smile.

    If ever unsure on what to eat ask Emma as she has tried everything!

    (Delivery Round Driver)

    Kelly is one of the most helpful staff members you’ll meet.

    Dab hand in all departments of the business

    Bubbly, friendly and chatty she will always have a story to tell you.

    Catering Assistant

    Our latest member of the team Heather has fit in like a duck to water.

    Extremely helpful and polite Heathers enthusiasm will rub off on anyone that she meets.

    New Website!

    So 17 years after opening we have decided to create a website for you to explore and find out more about what we do.

    Please Check back regularly as the blogs will be kept up to date with all  of our new specialty limited time items added to the menu.

    Thank you for taking the time to pass by and check us out. The site is an ongoing process so may change appearance depending on how much I tinker.