Meet the Team

Sarah is the boss and one that over sees most of the daily day to day running.

Sarah likes to constantly keep the menu active by creating new items to go onto it.

If any of the staff have any problems she’s the girl to turn to.

Jason is chained to the kitchen until he is released to start his daily round in his van.

2nd in command the staff have a more relaxed relationship with Jason who is always there to listen and help anyone.

Jason tries to make the work place fun for everyone by offering employee of the week incentives.

Catering assistant

Donna is one of the ladies that lovingly makes your breakfast or lunch as per your request.

Now the longest serving employee Donna knows what goes and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a taste sensation.

Donna has great conversational skills and can easily put a smile on your face.

(Delivery Round Driver)

Emma always tries hard to be employee of the week every week.

Very witty and funny she can always lighten your spirit and make you smile.

If ever unsure on what to eat ask Emma as she has tried everything!

Make sure to test her ‘banter’ to see how far you can push her

(Delivery Round Driver)

Kelly serves to please

Ask and Kellie will try her best to provide

Friendly and chatty she will always have a story to tell you.

Kerry (Kezza)

Kerry always aims to please.
Gets on with the job no questions asked

Enjoys meeting new customers and helping them to fix their hunger needs.